Get to Know Me!

This site is going to be a resource for all the mamas (and dads, too!) who are interested in natural, safe, and healthy parenting experience. I will provide real research and information on hospital alternatives, labor and delivery options, breastfeeding consultation, and many other topics you may not find on typical parenting sites. For example; “What is the difference between co-sleeping and bed-sharing; and why should I care?”, “What is microbiotia and seeding?”, “What does ‘intersexed’ mean and what are the options for the parents and baby affected?”, “Why delayed cord-clamping?”, “What is placenta encapsulation?” and much, much more!  I even hope to provide reviews on my favorite baby products in the near future (Have you ever spent 8 hours researching baby spoons?  ‘Cause I have!).

I am a Twin Cities gal who loves being a new mom, hockey (playing and watching), fostering rescue animals, traveling, and spending time one the lake up at the cabin.  I received my B.S. in Marketing Communications with a Spanish minor in 2009 and my B.A. in Psychology in 2012.  My B.A. in Psychology was initially Neuroscience, however, I switched interests in my final year because I wanted to work more with people and be less focused on research.  Consequently, much of my interest still lies in the brain’s contribution, which you will find throughout my writings.

After spending some time as an Account Executive for a marketing firm based in Minneapolis, I took an insight trip to Haiti.  This trip made me realize that I wanted to finish my education in psychology.  I am finishing two Masters: one in Human Development and one in Psychology.  I am especially interested in the human experience, trauma, and how early experiences shape our development.  My current practicum involves work clients with extreme trauma, OCD, anxiety and panic disorders, phobias, and hoarding disorders.  In the fall of 2016, I will begin my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology.

This site should be viewed as a source of information as well as a community of support for those interested in taking control of their birth experience.  I know from first-hand experience that not doing things the way the previous generation did them can bring on backlash from well-intentioned loved ones.  The good news is, the research supports our position, and I want to support you.  I want to help women have healthier pregnancies, safer labors and deliveries, and better parenting experiences.

As a doctoral candidate in a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology program (Psy. D.), I will take care to ensure that all the information I present is scientifically tested and empirically based. This is my passion and I want to make sure that you are receiving the best information available.  Although I have strong feelings about this subject matter, I will work to present my readers with objective information.