An Ultra-Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Idea

Wanna show up at your next baby shower with an ultra-thoughtful gift?  This one probably won’t be on the registry, but it’s definitely a winner!

One item most new mamas don’t consider is a file system or organizer for all the paperwork they’re going to get (and it will be a LOT!).  When it’s loose, it’s easy to misplace.  I can’t tell you how much time I spent looking for a random receipt or gift card!  I have yet to find a pre-made version of this gift that I like, but I made this one in about 5 minutes for around $10.00.

It’s great for storing the “stuff” that starts piling up before baby arrives (gift receipts, manuals from all the new baby equipment, etc.) and it can be used all the way through their childhood to store health records, banking info, school records, etc.

What You’ll Need:

An accordion file organizer, some washi tape (see below), a Sharpie, and a pair of scissors.  I bought them all at Target.  I like the idea of the washi tape instead of writing directly on the folder so that I can remove the tape and relabel the files if I want without it looking messy.  Also, I loved the fun colors!


Simply cut the washi tape to the size of the tabs, write your label, and stick.  BOOM!  Instant gift!  I didn’t get one at my showers, but if I had it would’ve saved me a lot of headaches.

After I got home with the baby, the forms, bills, notices, etc. just kept piling up…on my kitchen counter!  It was a mess and it quickly became overwhelming.  I even lost my daughter’s birth certificate request form!  Nightmare.  Having something like this right away would have saved me time and counter space.  I plan on making one for any future children we might have (hint, hint, Dan!) before they arrive.

Below I’ve included a list of sample labels, but feel free to use your own.  Remember, no worries if the recipient wants to change out the labels; it’s super easy to peel off washi tape and replace it with new labels!  In fact, you may want to include the tape you use as part of the gift to make it easier on mama.  I buy my rolls from the dollar section in the front of any Target store.

Sample Labels:

  • Birth Certificate/SSC
  • Passport
  • Pediatrician Records
  • Immunization Records
  • Other Health Records
  • Bills (Birth Center Bills, Midwife Bills, Etc.)
  • Bank Account Info
  • Bonds
  • Daycare Forms
  • Insurance Information
  • Manuals
  • Warranties
  • Receipts/Gift Receipts
  • Keepsakes (such as shower invite, etc.)
  • Ultra-Sound Photos
  • Shower Cards
  • Baptism Records
  • Pamphlets/Articles
  • Birth Plan
  • Miscellaneous

*Bonus Points*

You can also make a second accordion folder to sort school records.  It can be sorted by grade to house report cards, progress reports, noteworthy schoolwork, notes from teachers, certificates of accomplishment, artwork, and anything else you can think of.  Really, the sky is the limit.

I have always been an organizer because my mom stressed the importance of filing all my important documents.  Now that everything is electronic, much of what I used to have to keep on hand can be found online, however, I am always surprised at how few of my friends have any kind of system in place for their own paperwork, let alone a new baby’s.  That is why this gift is so awesome: it gives new parents a head start on their organization, which is important because their lives are about to get a lot more chaotic.   You can thank me later when you’re dubbed the baby shower superhero!


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