It’s so nice to meet you!  My name is Lindsey Rae and I started this blog because I am incredibly passionate about natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and essentially all things related to natural, healthy, and positive parenting.  I have so much to say regarding my research, and I thought this would be a great way to sort and organize this information in a way that is manageable and well thought-out.  

It’s true; much of what my occupational and professional focus is based upon is interrelated.  My studies of neuroscience led to my discovery of the negative physiological outcomes of non-natural birth, which led to my passion of supporting more sustainable parenting trends, which then led me to research more natural parenting solutions such as glass bottles, cognitively stimulating toys, breastfeeding, etc. and their impact on our children’s development.  Due to the interrelationships, I find it difficult to finish one thought without explaining how it relates to the 76,453 others I have floating around in my head.

I am new to blogging; which I am finding out is an art form in and of itself, considering I am used to writing extensive research papers and not short and sweet entries.  It’s like learning a whole new skill!  Anyway, thank you for your patience and if you have any topics or questions you would like me to address, do not hesitate to send me a message.  I have mountains of studies and research and an extensive list of resources I gathered both through my educational career and through my own experiences with natural childbirth and parenting. 

For those of you who do not know me, I have a B.S. in Marketing Communications, a B.A. in Psychology, a M.A in Counseling Psychology, I’m halfway through my M.A. in Human Development (which I have used to focus on the human condition and how our experiences shape us neurologically, emotionally, and physically), and am just beginning a doctorate program in Counseling Psychology (Psy. D.), and my focus is on child development and women’s health in relation to motherhood.  I want to help mothers have more comfortable pregnancies, safer labor and deliveries, and more enjoyable postpartum periods.  I believe in sharing the empirical evidence,  which concludes that the commonplace unnecessary interventions we use in America’s delivery rooms often lead to dangerous, painful, and traumatic outcomes and they should be replaced with providing a safer environment and better support system for our mothers.  We should question why the United States has the second highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the developed world and why our cesarean section rate continues to climb, despite evidence that it leads to poor outcomes.  What is the rest of the world doing and why do they have infinitely better results?  I intend to address all this and more!
It is my hope that this blog will not been seen as a “mommy-shaming” site, but rather will fill a void.  I do not intend to portray women who seek hospital care as “less than”, however, because of all I’ve learned throughout my academic career, I became very pro-natural birth when it comes to healthy, low-risk pregnancies.  I discovered that there were very few resources for women and such as myself, and that is the void I intend to address.
I believe there should be more education in regard to what natural birth is and more support for women who seek it out.  In my own experience and in the experience of my friends and family who sought out non-medicated births in birth centers or at home, there is a lot of push back from well-intentioned family members and friends.  There is also undue pressure to feed solids early, despite warnings from the American Association of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization.  I encountered several barriers to breastfeeding and pumping, especially in my workplace.  I received harsh criticism for not trying to sleep train my baby.  The list goes on, but what is important to take away is that there is growing medical evidence that these practices are not beneficial to the baby or the mother.  In fact, they tend to make everything much harder!  Subsequently, there is a growing movement of women who are choosing not to employ the methods of the previous generations of parents and are instead choosing to not pathologize natural, biological processes.  Unfortunately, most mainstream parenting publications still encourage unsustainable parenting practices, push formula on their readers, and scare women into considering unnecessary and dangerous medical procedures without telling them of the side-effects.  They do this in place of offering credible resources and information on how to avoid these pitfalls.  For women interested in taking charge of their own bodies and having a say in their birthing experience, the resources are scarce.  I want to empower the women interested in these methods and to create a community of like-minded women who can support each other and educate themselves about their choices.  I want to give moms (and dads) a home to share their experiences and to aid in the current mainstreaming of progressive and safer parenting practices.
Here, my journey begins and I welcome you to join me!



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